We do our best to be accommodating and fair, and have included loads of information and pricing for our services. However, we are ALWAYS adding more! If you don't see a service you need, please don't hesitate to ask. We may have just added that service or know just the right people to make that dream come true.

FAQ & policies

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We like to keep things simple, and offer you the very best experience possible, To do this, we have some policies and procedures in place to streamline convenience and accessibility for everyone. Please find our Booking Process, Hours, Frequently Asked Questions, and our current Policies Below.

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Booking Process

Office Hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
Site Tours & Planning Meetings by Appointment Only

Private Event Hours 8am-10pm
5-hr minimum Monday-Thursday
10-hr minimum Friday-Sunday

After Hours 6am-8am & 10pm-12am


The Chalet Itself:
Q. How many guests can The Chalet accommodate?
A. Fire Marshal max: 324, Banquet dinner max: 200, Wedding indoor ceremony & banquet max: 100
Q: Is The Chalet ADA Accessible?
A. YES! We have 4 designated parking spots with no thresholds between the parking lot and the building, and an ADA bathroom stall in each restroom area. The outdoor areas are not ADA approved, but can be navigated with assistance. 
Q. How big is the banquet hall?
A. 45' wide by 51.5' deep with two 3' outside exits and one 6' grand entrance door from the foyer.
Q. Are the tables and chairs included?
A. YES! We include access to 30 eight-foot folding tables, 3 six-foot folding tables, 1 four-by-two foot table and 1 four-by-four foot table, 200 padded folding chairs and basic room furniture in the dressing rooms with every rental.
Q. Is the Kitchen included?
A. YES! The kitchen, bathrooms and dressing rooms are all included with each rental. We do not provide the public access to these facilities during your private rental. 

Services and Pricing:
Q. Do you offer package deals?
A. YES! We have 3 base packages to chose from, and can customize any of them for you. 
Q. Do you offer discounts or specials?
A. YES! We offer a 10% military, first responder or non-profit discount on the rental hours only. 
Q. What are your minimum hours and guest counts?
A. Mon-Thursday minimum: 5hrs, Fri-Sun minimum 10hrs. There is no minimum number of guests. However, we may be too big for events smaller than 24 to feel intimate.
Q. How early/late can I get access to The Chalet on my Event Day?
A. Our check in/out times are set by appointment, and we cannot guarantee early access without prior arrangement. However, you may adjust your rental block earlier or later in the day.
Q. What if my event and cleanup finishes early?
A. You will be issued a key, and can lock up as soon as you are done. (We don't hold you hostage.)
Q. What are the booking and payment terms?
A. The proposal must be signed and 50% of your base package price must be received to book your date. You then have until 30 days before your event date to finalize guest counts, services and adjust any hours as needed. Final payment is due 30 days before your event. 
Q. What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my event? 
A. Let us know immediately! All booking fees are non-refundable. However, we do offer a one-time rescheduling within the year, and will apply all payments to that new date without penalty. If you are already within 30 days of your original event date having paid in full at time of cancellation, we cannot guarantee any partial refund, as that date will likely not be rebooked.
Q. Can I bring in my own food and beverage including alcohol?
A. YES! You can DIY, and/or hire outside our preferred vendor list. However, you will be required to obtain a 3rd-Party Insurance and an Alcohol Use Permit from the Borough to serve alcohol, and there are restrictions if you contract our planning services.
Q. Are there decoration or activity restrictions at The Chalet?
A. Only if it affect fire safety. The fire suppression system is sensitive, and we do not want to provoke it to be the drama at your party.  Please no open flames, smoke or fog machines inside the building at any time. That being said, if you break it, poke holes in, rip paint off of, or dirty it beyond a reasonable use would warrant, we may have to charge to fix that. Please see our Policies below for more information.

Venue FAQ

Reservations, Check-in & Check-out Processes- Reservations are not made until the Rental Agreement has been signed and the Booking Fee has been received. Full Payment and proof of any required permits are required 30 days before the event. Not submitting these on time may result in event cancellation and forfeiture of the Booking Fee. An Event Specialist will check you in at the start time of the event for a brief orientation and make arrangements for checkout in accordance with the Paid Invoice. A key may be issued at check in, and must be returned at check either in person or in the locking mailbox by the front door. The contract is complete when all Services on the Invoice have been provided, and final Refunds or Invoices have been paid.

Fees, Cancellations & Refunds- A booking fee of 50% is due at booking. The booking fee is non-refundable. A credit card must be on file for any cleaning, repairs or replacements required as a result of the event. The Balance is due 30 days prior to event date. Failure to make payment is a breach of contract, and will be considered a client cancellation with all vendors and services. If client cancels within 30 days, no refunds will be offered. A 1-time reschedule is available prior to 30 days before event date without any fees or penalties, and all payments will be applied to the new available date. Additional date change requests or requests made within 30 days of event date will be considered cancellations. Late checkout may be charged at $200/hour for the venue and $100/hour for planner/coordinator services. Bodily fluid cleanups will be charged at $150/ occurrence, carpet stains requiring more than 30 minutes of work $50/hr, sheetrock and/or paint repairs $150 for first, and $10 each additional. Standard Cleaning is charged at $50/hour, and includes both indoor or outdoor debris from the event. Damages to property are charged at contractor prices. Alcohol, Tobacco or Firearms policy violations, calls to police or fire departments due to your guests illegal or disruptive behavior, or lost keys to the facility are all subject to a potential service charge of $400. Please see our Inventory Replacement List for potential charges for loss or damage to Chalet Furniture or Decor.

Planning/Coordinating Packages- Other Vendor service estimates are subject to change based on clients personal selections, and are not exact until that vendor contract is finalized. Final head counts are due 35 days before event, and updated on the final invoice due 30 days before event. The venue, planner, and staff are not responsible for market prices or inflation, and cannot guarantee price and availability of any outside vendor services. The client is responsible for all contract agreements and payments due with outside vendors. Any failure to meet those contract agreements or make payments within agreed timeframe may result in additional consultation or planning fees to arrange a new vendor. Please see Planning Contract for further details.

Parking & Public Use Areas- As a private, family-owned business The Chalet does not have authority over the Public Use Area, its trails or the Parking Lot. Parking Passes must be displayed on the dash of each vehicle to avoid potential fines and/or awkward conversations with Borough Code Enforcement. The Chalet provides this in all of our packages at a ratio of 2 passes to every 5 guests. 100% of each $5 pass will go directly to the Borough for the upkeep of the Mat-Su Parks and Trails. Please ask us about special use permits if you expect a high guest count to ensure parking availability. Thank you for supporting this beautiful area, and for understanding the limitations of our private contract with the Borough.

Law and Code Enforcement- All Federal, state and local laws apply at The Chalet. We reserve the right to inspect all events, and ensure compliance with all laws/codes, and Chalet Policies if need arises, but do not police you or your guests. An emergency call out involving the police or fire departments as a result of law or policy violations by you or your guests will result in additional service fees and possible legal action. Parking is enforced by Borough Code, and we do not have any authority or ability to contact them, waive fees or schedule/predict their arrival. Fireworks are not allowed in the GPRA at any time.

Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms- Alcohol: All Federal, State and Borough Laws/ Codes apply at the Chalet.
If Serving Alcohol (Open Bar) Client will NOT: charge guests for any alcohol, serve alcohol to guests under the age of 21 years old or guests who are intoxicated. Client WILL purchase and deliver any alcohol served, and provide proof of Event Insurance for the date, times and address of the Chalet, and submit the Borough’s Alcohol Use Permit 14 days prior to the event.
If Charging for Alcohol (Cash Bar) Client will provide proof of a valid Alaska Liquor License, proof of Event Insurance for the date, times and address of the Chalet, and submit the Borough’s Alcohol Use Permit 14 days prior to the event.
Tobacco: No smoking is permitted inside or within 50 feet of the building. Any evidence of smoking or chewing found within the facility may incur cleaning charges.
Firearms: Second amendment rights are respected at the Chalet. Please keep firearms holsters unless need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship is greatly appreciated.

Decorations & Capacity- All occupancy, displays, exhibits, banners, decorations, signs, or other such similar items must conform to the Mat-Su Fire Ordinances. The Chalet is certified for up to 324 occupants, and may not exceed that number inside. We recommend no more than 200 guests for banquets and do not have more than 200 chairs available. Additional arrangements for rental furniture can be accommodated outside your rental time with prior arrangement/appointment with Chalet Staff. NO OPEN FLAMES, Sparklers or Fog Machines inside the facility (our sprinkler system is sensitive!) Nails, staples, screws, tacks and tape are not permitted on the structure or furniture of The Chalet. Any damage caused to paint or sheetrock will be charged $150 for the first occurrence and $10 each additional. Any damages to The Chalet, parking lots, lawns, and surrounding areas determined to be caused by the Client or their guests may incur additional charges at contractor rates, and/or possible legal action. Please plan to remove all rented furniture, personal items & debris too large for a vacuum by your check out time.

Public Health Considerations- It is our policy to respect your personal health choices and your privacy. The Chalet ensures that the venue is clean, and all high-touch points are sanitized right before each event. We do offer capacity recommendations and seating / table layouts to optimize your distance preferences, but do not impose or enforce any conditions on our clients or their guests.

Liability- The Chalet is not responsible for lost, stolen, and/or damaged property belonging to our Clients and/or their guests. The Client is responsible for the conduct of all persons in attendance, and for any loss or damage incurred upon The Chalet, their guests or their property. Participants are responsible for their own health & safety, and proceed at their own risk. The Client and/or their Guests must immediately report any injury or conditions adversely affecting the safety of participants. The Client indemnifies and holds The Mat-Su Borough, its officers, agents, and employees harmless from and against any and all liabilities. The Client indemnifies and holds Wildberry Meadows and any of its managers, staff and volunteers harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, and liabilities. The Chalet recommends each Client purchase private event insurance to protect themselves and their guests for the day of their event, and requires it if alcohol will be served.



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